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Dual Immersion

Why Dual Language?

At SEED, we value our diverse community, and we celebrate the language and culture of our students. Studies have shown that bilingual students perform better academically, learn to think more creatively, and are more thoroughly prepared for university and beyond. Our Dual Language program in Spanish and English is based on proven models, and our students become fluent speakers, readers, and writers of both languages.

Manzanita SEED provides dual-immersion instruction in Spanish and English from TK - 5th grade. According to Dr. Katheryn Lindholm-Leary's research on dual immersion programs, by 6th grade, English language learners in dual-immersion programs outscore their counterparts in all other programs as measured by the California Standards Test. Dual immersion leads to full English proficiency and produces student graduates who are bilingual and bi-literate. 

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Why DL 2