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Expeditionary Learning

The SEED Approach to Learning

Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning emphasizes learning by doing, with a focus on character growth, teamwork, reflection, and literacy. Students study rich topics such as water quality or civil rights through learning expeditions that are linked to academic standards. As students become more invested in this experiential approach to learning, their work improves, test scores rise, and disciplinary problems are rare.

Family, School, and Community Involvement

It takes a community to raise a child. SEED values this shared responsibility by including the entire community in our program, incorporating the opinions and desires of the families we serve. We also encourage students to take part in local service-based activities so that they become integrated and active members
of their communities.

Language and Culture Focus

The SEED community is very diverse – eight languages are spoken on campus – and we value all of our students’ home languages and cultures. Our dual language immersion program in Spanish and English is based on nationally recognized models and research, which show that programs like this increase academic achievement across content areas, as well as develop bilingualism and bi-literacy.