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Parent Resources

Important Notice: Annual Data Confirmation in Aeries Parent Portal

At the start of each school year, completing the Data Confirmation process online through the Aeries Parent Portal is essential. For the 2024-2025 school year, SEED Families can access comprehensive instructions for the Data Confirmation Process here

 Data Confirmation n-person support will be offered on August 5th and 6th from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. in the front office.

Important School Information & Policies

Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pick-Up

The main SEED entrance is on 25th Avenue at the top of the “Blue Stairs.” Families may also access the campus from the E26th entrance. The E27th Street entrance is the primary Manzanita Community School entrance.

There are “white curb” drop-off zones on 25th Avenue and E26th Street for cars to pull up and drop off. Please drive carefully and have patience, particularly on the 25th Avenue side, which gets very crowded and slow between about 8:20 and 8:35. Please note that parking is not permitted in these white zones, even for a short time to walk your student up to campus.

Morning Drop-Off

School begins at 8:30 every morning. We are able to provide light supervision on the yard by 8:15 every morning. Please do not leave your student unsupervised on the yard before 8:15.

Students gather on the “big yard” (the artificial turf square) and line up according to the teacher they see first in the morning. There are numbers and symbols painted on the blacktop next to the turf and each teacher has an assigned number.

Afternoon Pick-Up

School ends at 1:30 (“minimum day” schedule) for the first week of school for all students and for the first two weeks for TK and kindergarten students. After that, school ends at 2:45 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. All Wednesdays are minimum days. The EBAYC, Manzanita Rec Center, and Manzanita CDC after-school programs are aware of all our minimum days, but if you use a different after-school provider, you will need to communicate schedules to them separately.

Please pick up your TK or Kindergarten students from their classroom unless they are in an after-school program that picks them up. We ask that families wait outside for their students to avoid overcrowding inside hallways and classrooms.

Please be on time to pick up your student. After 5 minutes past the end of the school day, teachers will leave their classrooms to walk the remaining students to the office for pickup.  If, for some reason, you are late to pick up your student, they will be waiting in the office.

Campus Safety Measures

Campus Closed During the Day: Campus gates will be open between 7:30 and 8:00 am every morning. For safety purposes, we lock all campus gates by 9:00 am. Gates will reopen 15 minutes before the end of school (1:15 on minimum days, including the first week/s of school and every Wednesday; 2:30 on regular school days) and will close again 30 minutes after the end of school. If you arrive late or need to enter campus during the school day, please press the buzzer on the gate, and we can let you in.

COVID Safety: Masks are optional for all students, staff, and visitors.

If your student begins showing illness symptoms at school, the office will alert the family. If your student tests positive for COVID, please alert the office immediately, and we will explain the next steps. Students who test positive must stay home and isolate for 5 days after symptom onset and/or a positive test.

Keeping Classrooms Safe: OUSD requires monthly fire drills, 4 earthquake drills per year, and 2 lockdown drills per year. In addition to practicing emergency responses and keeping our campus gates locked during the school day, families can help us ensure campus safety. If you need to be on campus for any reason other than daily drop-off and pick-up, please visit the office first and sign in. You will receive a pass or a sticker that shows SEED staff that you are authorized to be on campus.

If you need to pick your student up during the school day, we will check your ID at the office, and a staff member will pick up your student from class. Families should not enter classrooms (unless they are cleared and scheduled volunteers) or try to pick students up directly during the day.

Uniforms, Healthy Food, Toy Policies

Uniforms: The SEED uniform policy helps us differentiate between SEED students (in red shirts) and Manzanita Community students (in blue shirts) and keeps all students safe. Please ensure that your student is wearing a red top daily. Any red shirt or dress is in compliance with the SEED uniform policy. We also sell SEED logo shirts to fundraise for the PTU. We also have gently used donated uniform shirts to give away during registration.

Healthy Food

Please do not send “treat food” (foods that are high in added sugar, fat, or salt) to school with your student. Snacks from home that do not fall within the Wellness Policy will need to be kept in your student’s backpack until the end of the day.  If your child brings treat food for their lunch, we will not take away the food, but we will provide the child a healthy alternative. We also ask that your children DO NOT share any food with their peers.

SEED does not make exceptions to the healthy food policy for special events. If your student has a special occasion and you would like to bring food for a class celebration, please check with your teacher to make sure your planned contribution falls within the policy.

In the Family Handbook coming out soon, we will provide a list of suggestions for healthier alternatives to common treat foods.

Toys/Cell Phones at School

To support the physical and emotional safety of our community, we do not allow students to bring toys or cell phones from home. Toys/phones can be disruptive and can reinforce divisions between students when only some students can play with them and some cannot. Some items (slime, makeup, nail polish) are messy and can damage our facilities. If an item is in a student’s backpack and remains out of sight and silent during the school day, it should not be a problem. If staff see students playing with toys or using their phones, they will have the student place the item back into their backpacks. If the issue happens repeatedly, the item may be confiscated and held by a teacher or at the office until an adult can come to pick it up.

Supporting Your Student for Success

All students should come to school with the following:

Our campus provides free breakfast and lunch to all students, or your student can bring their own food. We are a peanut-free campus. If you have a student who has never been on campus before (TK/K), consider using free lunch for the first week while teachers are able to spend more time helping students learn the routines, so if and when your student might forget their lunch later in the year they are familiar with the procedure.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the following people. We are here to help!